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Family Bonding with TimepieceMy family is quite traditional. We try to keep what our parents taught us. And this has been also passed on to them from their parents as well. From family recipes to how we bring up our children. Here are some of the traditions kept in our family:

  1. Sunday Family Lunch – We make it a point that we see each other every Sunday. Gathering my husband’s side of the family, his sisters and brothers and their family. We share stories and testimonies. Catching up can make the family closer as my Father in law says.
  2. Tennis is our sport – my husband’s great grandfather was a tennis champion. Keeping the tennis blood within the family means tennis should be our family’s sport. And we do play every chance that we get.
  3. Omega Watch is our family’s official time keeper– as a family tradition when you reach the age of 18, you are given an Omega Seamaster Watch. This has been kept since my husband’s great grandfather gave his great grandfather this watch.
  4. Travelling Together As a family – Once a year we travel to another country and we have our picture taken at that country’s popular site. We have been doing this for years and we have quite a collection of pictures.
  5. Men in our family hunt ducks – Every 4th of July instead of having turkey, the men would go to the Central Valley in California to hunt. And whatever they get the women will cook.

These traditions are passed down from generation to generation. These are the things that help us shape our family’s identity. It also helps in shaping our family’s unity and closeness with one another. These traditions also fill us with good memories that we can go back to and cherish.

Just like a classic Omega watch, timeless in it’s beauty and elegance. A watch that can be passed on from one generation to another without loosing it’s immortal characteristic.

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