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Anniversary gift can be watch or unique necklaceLooking for the perfect anniversary gift is quite difficult. My husband asked me ahead and really prepared for this special day. I had to choose something that can be functional, elegant and can last a long time. Something I can bequeath to my children and immortalize our 25th wedding anniversary.

Narrowing my choices to an expensive bag, which can eventually wear. Jewelry that can only be displayed and can also tarnish. A watch that can be functional and beautiful at the same time. I had to be practical with my choice. I of course chose a watch. Choosing the best watch is a no brainier. I chose an Omega Constellation Brushed Quartz watch. I had an Omega Watch in mind for a long time.

I had to choose a brand that is well known for its quality and craftsmanship. Knowing that this brand has already reached the moon, I trust that I will be able to give this watch to generations in my family. And as it will be passed on from one generation to another, they will remember the relationship that my husband and I had.
Its classic and timeless design was also a factor for me in choosing this watch. I love how elegant it looks and how it fits my small wrist. It’s not over powering. Although I choose the design with diamonds in white gold on white gold, it still looks simple.

My husband and I have immortalized this day with this special gift. I will look back and remember the moment he gave this watch to me. I appreciate all the effort that my husband has put into this. From asking me what I want a year from our anniversary to saving for this gift. This is really memorable for my family and I.

I also know that what my husband did for me has made an impact on my kids. And hopefully they will follow the same for their future mate. He not only imparted the importance of marriage but also imparted the importance of buying good quality items.