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wedding gift omega watchYou need to prepare for the marriage more than preparing for your wedding. This saying is true but I would also recommend that you should also prepare well for one of the most memorable event of your lives. This will only happen once and you really need to make it a once in a lifetime experience.

I remember when I proposed to my wife and how I didn’t prepare well on my actual proposal. I bought this really beautiful engagement ring from a jeweler downtown. After buying it, I asked my soon to be fiancé on a date. We went out for a dinner in a fancy restaurant, after a few hours, while we were drinking our coffee, I planned on dropping the ring inside her coffee cup but it didn’t happen. So I asked her to go with me on top of a hill overlooking the city. While we were having a great conversation, I got the ring out and knelt down on my knees and popped the question “will you marry me?” She saw the box of the ring but the ring was not inside the box. I dropped the ring on the grass. Good thing I felt the ring immediately and went back to my proposal stunt. Whew…that could have been a major goof up.

Why am I saying all these? You need to prepare for your wedding. You cannot afford to have major boo boo. From the caterer down to your wedding coordinator, you have to be on top of it. As a groom, you need to prepare for your outfit as well. Most of the times, the focus is on the bride. Yes, while it may be the bride’s special day, but getting married would need a groom to make it a wedding, right? Good thing about being a groom is that you only need to think about a few things. First is your suit. You have to look dashing but not so much that you would look like a bride already. You only have two accessories to think of and that is your ring and your watch. Your watch should make you look like you’re in control of the celebration. Of course you have to match your watch with your taste. Following are some tips on how to choose your wristwatch for this special occasion.

  1. Your watch should match the color of your belt and your shoes.
  2. Decide if you’re going for the leather strap or the metal strap. I would go for leather for a formal occasion.
  3. Big watches are usually a hit for guys. Small watch dials would make you look like a bride.
  4. Don’t wear anything with too much diamonds or something that’s too catchy. Go for the conventional type of mechanical watches instead of wearing a digital or an automatic watch. You can choose from a variety of Omega Watches that will suit your requirement.

Being prepared for this most special day in your life is a must. Wear the best but don’t go overboard and shift the focus on you. Remember there are two of you in this momentous event.