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They say that the 7th birthday of a kid is the one of the most important day in their lives and it should be celebrated with a bang. I think it’s like a thanksgiving for giving your child 7 years of a blessed life and a fruitful childhood. They also say that this is the year when your kid would most likely appreciate a party for them. Imagine having an elegant party during their first birthdays…I guess they will not even remember it except through pictures and bedtime stories. The parents will most likely enjoy the food and the drinks but the celebrant would definitely not remember a thing. I can’t even remember if I had a party when I was 1 year old.

I know you would agree with me that every parent wants the best for their children. And giving them the best doesn’t have to be that expensive. You can give them a party and a gift without going beyond what you have or your budget. My daughter’s 7th birthday is fast approaching and I am thinking of throwing her a small party with few of her closest friends and schoolmates. What I am also planning is giving her a wristwatch. I think this is better than having a big party. She will wear this watch forever or until it fits her. What I mean is, this watch will be a part of her memories every time she uses it or she sees it.

I browsed the net and there are a few girls’ wristwatches that I think would fit her personality. Of course, I also asked her what she likes just in case someone will give her a wristwatch. Below are some of the choices that I am looking at right now and in a few weeks time, I will buy 1 for my princess. Of course I will not buy her an Omega watch this time, but when she reach 16, I will definitely give her one.

  1. LEGO Kids’ 9002885 Belville Analog Watch
  2. Fossil (Pink Color)
  3. Hello Kitty Quartz
  4. Baby G Shock

I have considered functionality, practicality and of course the color “Pink” which is my daughter’s favorite color. I am also considering getting a watch, which will not be outgrown so fast hence I considered elegance and it’s classic look. I am still undecided until now. Help me choose one for my daughter.