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omega-speedmaster-professionalWhen you want the excitement to last longer, you have to have new ideas how to do stuff for your special someone. I learned this a few years ago when I attended a seminar conducted by Mark Gungor. Mark helps married couples with their marriages through new concepts and biblical ideas. One thing I learned from him is that when you are planning something for your wife, let’s say a date, you can tell her in advance that you will have a date on that particular time and date. Imagine telling her today that you will take her out tonight on a romantic date night at One If By Land, Two If By Sea. The excitement will only last for a few hours compared to telling her a month in advance and making her excited for 30 days. Imagine what she would feel for 30 days. Super excited!

We will be celebrating our 12th year anniversary in a few months time and I intend to give her a hint of what my plans are. I am also thinking of giving her a present that she will be using for a long time. Jewelry or a wristwatch would definitely be on top of my list. I was checking out the Internet for classic timepieces for women. Here are some of the best options that the net has for my budget:

  • Cartier Women’s Tank Fracaise Watch
  • Gucci Women’s Tornabuoni Watch
  • Omega 4135.75.00 Deville Prestige Watch
  • Cartier pink Mother Of Pearl Dial Sapphire
  • Chanel H0968 J12 White Ceramic

There are a lot on the Internet and to tell you honestly, I need to this now so I could still save up for the “one” watch that I will give to my wife. Of course I want to get the best out there and I want it to be memorable. Getting an Omega Watch would likely be on top of my options but I am still looking at the Cartier and the Chanel.

Whether it’s the Omega or the Chanel, I bet you my bottom dollar that once I tell her my plans and give her a hint of what I am giving her as a wedding anniversary present, she will go crazy and excited. That’s months of pure excitement.