Omega Watch SeamasterI personally love watches. Over the years I have collected several brands like Tag Heuer, Omega Watch, Franck Muller, Oris and other more brands. I don’t know about you but when it comes to wristwatches, I just can’t stand looking at it. I need to buy it.

I’m a big fan of leather straps. There’s something about worn leather and the smell of a genuine strap. I like the combination of a brown strap on a black dial and I consider it classic. I am currently eyeing on the latest model of Patek Philippe, which has a black strap, and a black dial that has an applied hour markers colored in gold. What a killer…classic and elegant at the same time.

Personally I would go for something classy that I can wear in almost all engagements that I may have. Although I have collected several watches for different occasions, I still have my favorites that I wear in almost all my dealings. Have you heard of Omega’s Specialties Collection? Here you can find several timepieces, which would really blow your mind. There’s this Omega 3202 that is in black strap and the white gold color matches the black dial, which makes it a classic timepiece.

I may sound like an Omega Watch ambassador but I am not, although I wish I were so that I can enjoy all their timeless collections.

Let me share with you my top five pick for men’s wristwatches:

1. Omega 3203

– Black dial with white gold casing and black leather strap. This is a limited edition, which makes it more elegant since only a few of this will be released.

2. Patek Philippe 5207R-001

– It may take a long time before I can purchase this elegant watch but this is surely a winner. It has a black strap, black dial and a gold applied hour markers. From what I’ve researched, strap is made from alligator scales and hand-stitched.

3. Tag Heuer Monaco V4

– Owned by the famous Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, this watch is also a limited edition with a price tag of $80,000. Comes with a black alligator strap with a platinum case. Pricey but super classic. I love to have one of this.

My preference is not limited to black leather strapped wristwatches. I also like watches with silver straps. Whether it’s leather or silver, what matters is how you wear it.