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You need to clean your watches ones in the while; especially the appearance of the watch is dull, full of dirt due to sweat, water spills or dust. Watches became faded-look because you store it for a long time, most specially if your watch is expensive as Omega watch, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe. You need to clean it periodically even if you didn’t use it because it will lead to damage some mechanical parts of the watch.

There are different methods in cleaning your watch. It depends on the material used in the watch. I will cover on how to clean some of the watches and stainless steel watches.

You need to prepare some of the materials needed in cleaning your watches:

  • Bowl – make it small that can submerge the wristband)
  • Brush –There are brushes that specially made for cleaning watches or you can use toothbrush for this task but ensure that the brush have a mild bristles.
  • Soft lint free cloth
  • Mild detergent
  • White vinegar – for leather-made wristband.
  • Water
  • Alcohol – this can be optional and don’t use in gold watches

Cleaning your watch

1. Prepare your watch for cleaning. Remove the wristband of the watch. If you cannot remove it (lack of material for assembling the band from the watch), be sure that the watch itself didn’t submerge into water.

2. Put a little detergent into the bowl. Fill the bowl with water (if the wristband is leather, put a small amount of vinegar into the water) and gently submerge the wristband. Be careful not reach the watch (if you cannot remove it from the band).

3. Soak the wristband in a couple of minutes. If the dirt is heavy, try to soak it in an hour to soften the dirt from the corner.

4. While soaking the wristband, get the soft bristle brush and gently brush the watch itself. Just dry clean the watch, use lint free cloth to do this task.

5. After soaking the wristband, gently brush the wristband from the surface up to the corners of the band.
6. Wash the wristband into running water. Try to brush the band while washing the band to remove some detergent in hard to reach areas.

7. After washing, dry clean the wristband with a dry lint free cloth and let it air-dry the band. Be sure that there’s no moisture left in the wristband.

8. After all the steps are made, re-assemble your watch using watch tools or other wristbands are easy to snap-in to the watch.

There you have it, simple steps to clean your watches, doing it regularly will take care of your watch, looks new, and prevent build-up of dirt in the corner of wristband and the watch.