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Seamaster Co-Axial 300M

The James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece Seamaster Co-Axial 300M

We all known that the super spy James Bond has different advanced gadgets. These gadgets from his watch up to his car are used in his missions. One of the noticeable and most well-known gadget is his watches. So for the avid fans of James Bond 007, the watch one of the significant collectible item.

The film used Rolex since James Bond movie release on the scene. James Bond used Rolex Submariner, but change to Omega watch in GoldenEye in 1995. Pierce Brosnan wears the mega Seamaster Quartz Professional (model 2541.80.00). Until now, Omega watches are used in the succeeding James Bond Film.

Producers decide to change the watch used in the film because of business environment, storyline, and needs to be more advance and high-tech image of the character.

For the 40th anniversary of James Bond in 2002, Omega releases a limited edition omega watch model 2537.80.00 with only 10,007 units. The watch is almost identical to 2531.80.00 model, but the watch dial have a 007 logo on the dial and the back case of the watch.

The current James Bond (Daniel Craig) portray in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig wears Omega Seamaster: the Seamaster Planet Ocean (model 2900.50.91) in Casino Royale and Seamaster Professional 300M (model 2220.80.00) respectively. After that, Omega also release a limited edition 007 watch that have a pistol and riffle barrel on the hand, symbolizes the pistol barrel in all James Bond movie sequel.

Omega release another limited edition of Seamaster Planet Ocean limited only for 5007 units. The design is identical to what Daniel Craig wears in Quantum of Solace, but have an orange 007 logo on the hand and also an engrave logo on the steel back case. Another limited edition of Omega watch is also released with black case and steel bracelet with logo of Quantum of Solace logo in “PPK grip” of the watch.